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Finger your suspects

Particles screw up the quality of your drug and can even shut down production. Hound is the only tool out there that combines microscopy, Raman and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) to forensically identify particles by their chemical and elemental fingerprints. You’ll know the culprit without a doubt in minutes — so you can track it back to the source and fix it ASAP. Get brochure.

Chemical ID

Elemental ID






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Check out the Hound in this demo video.

Bust the perps

Hound has all the gear to ID any particle — even if you have no clue what’s floating in your sample. With two Raman lasers and LIBS, you’ll get a specific signature for any contaminant in minutes. Hound is the only platform combo that tells you whether those rogue particles are cellulose, protein, metal or something else.

Gather the evidence

Hound lets you prep your sample for any type of interrogation. Capture particles by plucking them from solution, or pour the whole sample through a filter round. If you want to keep your blob suspended, pipette it onto a wet round and cover it. Either way, the gold-coated surfaces catch everything and cut out all the background noise.

Track down your leads

Once you’ve snagged all your particles, Hound automatically spots them and narrows down the list of suspects. It uses bright-field or dark-field so nothing sneaks by — not even those tricky translucent proteins. Hound scans the round then reports the size and shape of every particle, so you can make the call on which leads to follow.

Build your case

Hound uses Raman and LIBS to match the fingerprints of your particles to a customizable reference database. Want to continue your examination? Hound has the analysis tools to run a complete forensic sweep of your evidence. Keep your case above board with 21 CFR Part 11 software tools that help you stay compliant through the entire process.

Pick your Hound

Configuration Proteins Organics Inorganics Metals
Raman 785 nm + 532 nm + LIBS Best Best Best Best
Raman 785 nm + 532 nm Best Best Good N/A
Raman 785 nm Good Good Good N/A

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