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Protein quantification like it should be

UV/Vis spectrophotometry

Measuring samples by UV/Vis spectrophotometry is a simple, fast, and label-free way to determine concentration of wide variety of biologics. When light shines through a liquid, some of it is absorbed based on the concentration of what’s dissolved in the liquid and the optical pathlength through the sample. The amount of light absorbed and the known pathlength is used to determine the sample absorbance spectrum. Having an accurate and precise read on the concentrations of your samples is the first step in producing accurate and precise results throughout your workflow.

Big Lunatic

Big Lunatic is the next-gen UV/Vis system that can measure the concentration of biologics at high-throughput and high concentration – from 0.02-200 mg/mL mAb. Our Big Lunatic plates have unique microfluidic circuits with two fixed pathlengths built-in to cover a wide dynamic range of 0.03-275 OD. These fixed pathlengths deliver spot-on accuracy within 2% and precision within 1%. Get this ridiculously good data for 96 samples in 10 minutes, using only 2 μL per sample, without ever diluting. With the smallest sample size, the highest throughput and crazy accurate results, Big Lunatic is hands down the best UV/Vis tool for protein quantification.


Stunner pulls rank on other systems because it can knock out same-time protein concentration and DLS measurements. See if there’s any aggregation, measure the hydrodynamic size, grab polydispersity when you need to check uniformity, and get the exact concentration while you’re at it.  All with the exact same UV/Vis quantification performance and throughput as Big Lunatic.